CB Dollaway just called out Jamie Varner, playground style

Calling someone out to a fight via text message. That’s such an Arizona State University thing to do. That something that an alumnus from UofA would make fun of by publishing an article about it on an MMA site. Jamie Varner tweeted (twatted?) today this screen capture of his phone that is apparently from CB Dollaway. In the text message, CB essentially calls out Jamie Varner to a fight complete with location and time, high-school style. I’m pretty sure that when that unfortunate day comes in which will have our grandkids sitting on our lap, we will tell them stories of how when we were in highschool our phones were in black and white and barely supported text messaging. We can also tell our grandkids that the hottest song during that time had the lyrics ‘Switched from Motorola to a Primeco phone‘.

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