Cauliflower ear and the art of drain

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If you’ve been training BJJ or sub grappling for any length of time, chances are you’ve had some brushes or maybe even some serious head on collisions with the grappler’s companion, cauliflower ear.  You’re already here at DSTRYR/sg, so there’s no need for us to explain this common ailment/fashion statement.  It’s part of grappling, just like knee injuries and bouts with ring worm and the periodic staph infection (we’ll talk about those on another occasion).

The funny thing about it – I’ve got some fairly normal looking ears despite 12.5 years of serious BJJ (and even another 4 years of HS wrestling).  Call it luck or genetics, it doesn’t really matter.  Cauliflower happens and it happens frequently to a lot of grapplers..  I’ve seen fresh youngling white belts with less than 6 months of training with ears that resemble fried wontons.

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