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Catch-as-Catch-Caught You in an Arm Drag to Arm Triangle

Catch-as-Catch-Caught You in an Arm Drag to Arm Triangle

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What we’ve learned over the years of doing this is that the DSTRYR/SG readership don’t want no BS, wind-baggy verbose explanations, be they video or otherwise. They just want the “meat ‘n potatoes” as we like to call it. So, we give them what they want. And, when a grappler tells me he/she doesn’t have a measly 1:47 to watch a killer catch wrestling technique video, I smack him/her down with the Hand of Helio. I’ve been granted that authority.

Here’s a little ditty that’s sure to cause some serious shoulder and/or neck trauma to you and your training partner (along with the proper asphyxiation). And so, you should drill it often. Once again, our longtime friend in grappling, Martin Roy (Ville Émard Catch Wrestling-RAF, Montreal Quebec) brings us in brief (and musical), but ragingly cool fashion, a proper arm drag attack to an enemy in turtle position, followed by a solid arm triangle.  Gi or no-gi, if you practice this enough, you’re sure to be feared throughout the dojo as “that jerk who arm triangles everyone with that choke combo he learned on some dumb website.”  We promise.

Side note: as if Martin’s transition to submission wasn’t enough, he caps the vid off with a sweet wrestling chain drill for getting out of a side controlled position.

Watch The Video!

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