Twitter Troll Gets Cold Feet After Agreeing To Challenge Casey O’Neill To A Sparring Session

It looks like somebody didn't want to spar with 'King' after all.

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If you can’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk. 

The Exchange

Last week, as Twitter user by the name of Cal Davies would trash UFC Flyweight Casey O’Neill online. Trolls go after fighters all the time, but rarely get a response from them, but that’d be different here. ‘Neill would offer the troll this opportunity after his first hate tweet.

“[O’Neill] is genuinely such a low level fighter,” Davies wrote in a now deleted tweet. “Women’s MMA is low level in general but Casey is something else. I have no fighting experience at all but could still fight better than she does. I’ll turn up, spar, and prove my point. An average male that doesn’t train could win against a low level women’s fighter like Casey.”

O’Neill would challenge the troll to a sparring session to prove him wrong. 

“Come spar me,” O’Neill replied. “That would be fun!”

To which the troll responded:

“Haha yeah like I know what gym you train at and when to go,” Davies wrote. “Stop saying little things on Twitter that you don’t mean.” 


‘King’ Casey would then provide the times and days for sparring which the troll accepted to spar her on Tuesday to ‘prove his point’. But no point would be proven, following an apparent no-show from Davies at Xtreme Couture. He’d also delete his Twitter account. 

O’Neill Reacts

The undefeated UFC prospect would find it all funny afterwards. 

‘It’s really funny to call people out on what they’re saying because half the time someone will say something on the internet that they won’t say to your face,’ O’Neill told The Allstar. “He called me out online and said he thinks I’m a terrible fighter and he would beat me, so I told him to come spar.

“I’ve got one ACL currently, not even cleared to spar, but I know for a fact I would kick his ass. I was fully prepared to kick his ass on Tuesday, but he deleted his Twitter. Today when I woke up I’d seen that his account is no longer, so I don’t think Casey vs. Cal is going down anymore.”

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