Canelo Shuts Down Boxing Match With Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal
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Canelo Alvarez Responds to Boxing Match With Jorge Masvidal

UFC’s “BMF” champion Jorge Masvidal has an ‘any place, any time’ mindset when it comes to fighting. Additionally, Masvidal doesn’t care how tough the opponent is. So, when Jorge told the world that he would love to box four-weight world champion, Canelo Alverez, we all thought he was crazy. But, Jorge thought it was just another fight to be made. Alverez recently caught wind of Masvidal’s callout and responded with some words of his own.

Crossover Fights Between MMA and Boxing

Cross-over fights between MMA fighters and boxers seem to be at an all-time high. Both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather play a large role in why fighters from the separate sports now how the desire to compete against each other. Fighters like TJ Dillashaw and Masvidal believe that boxers have holes in their games. Although they might be perfect against other boxers, the unorthodox striking from MMA fighters could throw a boxer off.

Both fighters have also said that the success McGregor had against Mayweather inspired them. For Masvidal specifically, it showed him that boxers have a hard time reading the movement that MMA fighters possess in the ring. And, while Masvidal has a real desire to face Canelo in the ring, Alvarez doesn’t seem interested in the fight.

Canelo spoke with Youtube channel Little Giant Boxing. During the interview, Alvarez was very respectful towards the athletes and the sport of mixed martial arts. However, he believes that the entities should remain separate.

Canelo on Crossover Fights Against MMA Fighters

“With all due respect, I always felt that I have no business being in an MMA cage,” said Canelo. “I think the same if they came to box, they have no business being there. From a business standpoint, yes, it’s attractive, but it’s not my priority,” finished Alvarez.

As much as Masvidal is a “BMF” in the MMA world, attraction just isn’t enough to entice Canelo. So, if Jorge wants to test his boxing skills, it looks like he will have to look elsewhere.

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