Canelo Alvarez Will “Not Allow” Delay by DAZN For Fights Again

Canelo Alvarez Will Tell DAZN There Will Be No More Delays

UFC 244 went head to head with DAZN’s production of Canelo vs Kovalev. On that night, both Canelo and Kovalev were instructed to stay in their locker rooms until the “BMF” main event finished. Then, the boxers would be able to make their way to the ring and begin their bout. Many pundits and fans believed that the notion was a display of importance. While others simply saw it as a way for fans of all combat sports to enjoy the night. However, Canelo Alvarez made it clear that he would never allow DAZN to delay anymore of his bouts in the future.

DAZN decided to delay the main event so that it would not clash against the UFC’s “BMF” title matchup between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz. While spectators at home enjoyed the gesture, the fans in attendance for Canelo’s fight did not. Many complained about the long wait. Especially because the majority of fans in attendance for the event didn’t care for the UFC’s programming. Fans in attendance at MGM Grand in Las Vegas sat for well over an hour, waiting to see the main event that they paid their earned money for.

Canelo Interview

Alvarez recently sat with ESPN Deportes. During the conversation, Canelo expressed that he would never let anything like that happen again. Especially when it comes to the way DAZN handles his fights in particular.

“I will not allow them to do that, at least for my fights. I will talk to them [DAZN], ” Canelo told ESPN Deportes. (via boxingscene)

Canelo Will Talk With DAZN About Future Delay Issues

Both Alvarez and Kovalev waited in the locker room as well. During that time, both competitors were fully dressed in their in-ring gear as well as gloved up. The men reportedly were also not instructed when they would be able to make their entrance until right beforehand.

Regardless of the wait time and delay, if Canelo has his way, it’ll never happen again. At least as long as the fight is his and put on by DAZN.

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