Can I kick It: The UFC 179 Walkout Songs

Jose Aldo for president! Jose Aldo for mayor! Jose Aldo for treasurer of Manaus, Brazil? After a career defining win over Chad Mendes in the main event of UFC 179, Aldo will likely have his choice of political appointments in northern Brazil. With a fight of the year candidate added to his resume, Aldo gave fans a peek into his post-fight career aspirations with his walkout song selection at UFC 179.

The music video for the 2009 Jay-Z hit “Run This Town” was possibly inspired by a world without any Brazilian born UFC champions. Torches would be lit, people would congregate in the streets, and for some unknown reason the MMA faithful would turn to Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West in their time of need. Aldo had to win at UFC 179 or Jay-Z, but you can call him Hova, would have been forced to scan the MiddleEasy archives to update himself on all of MMA’s happenings over the last five years.

Besides preventing a society where Kanye West bullies MMA fans on all the internet forums, Aldo needed an impressive win over Mendes for his legacy. The seven time defending UFC featherweight champion Aldo has run the 145 pound division with an iron fist and awesome post fight dance skills. With the featherweight title around his waist for over 1,400 days Aldo has moved behind just running a town, his political career should stretch out to President of Brazil after he retires from MMA.

Aldo dancing and crowd surfing on the campaign trail has political pundits drooling. Every political science major knows scars equal a high voter turnout.

In a six man tag team match of UFC walkout songs, Chad “Money” Mendes believed deep down in his heart that the trio Aaron Lewis, George Jones and Charlie Daniels could teach the team of Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West a lesson in street MMA. The topic for the lesson plan being nothing but pain.

What a heel move by Mr. Mendes. Mendes walked into the Maracanazinho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro to sounds of “Country Boy”. Country boy? Does Mendes know Rio de Janeiro is a huge city in Brazil? Of course the fans in the arena would boo a song singing the praises of country life.

The simple life of Sacramento, California USA does not fly in Rio de Janeiro and the fans let Mendes hear it throughout his five round battle with Aldo.

For his 18th consecutive win Aldo was pushed to his best by Mendes. A left hook from Mendes in round one shook the champ but Aldo would retaliate with a one-two combo that dropped the Team Alpha Male challenger in the final seconds of the frame. Mendes had his moments in the striking game but throughout the course of the 25 minute title fight Aldo was too quick and too accurate with his offense.

Aldo walks away from UFC 179 with his title in hand and his heart set on the greater good. A vote for Aldo is a vote for yourself. Believe in yourself and believe in Aldo on Election Day.

On the undercard of UFC 179 light heavyweight Fabio Maldonado got all philosophical on Hans Stringer. The late great Brazilian singer Gonzaguinha had his acoustic guitar and a majestic set of pipes on him. Maldonado has a zombie level chin and the majestic ability to be very durable on defense. Advantage? Push.

Gonzaguinha’s song “O que é o que é” loosely translates to English as “What is it that is”. Versus Hans Stringer, Maldonado proved that he is it and he’s pretty good at being it. The type of walkout song that has you staring up at your ceiling at 3:00 AM looking for answers, Maldonado’s prefight mind games lead to a violent second round TKO of Stringer.

Beneil Dariush’s walkout song called for a knockout finish but the Kings MMA fights was able to stifle all of Diego Ferreira’s attacks with timely striking and improved defense. Singing along to Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You” while entering the UFC’s Octagon nets Dariush crucial walkout points.

Dressing up in a MJ inspired sparkly long sleeve shirt, shiny boots and matching pants while walking to the cage? If Dariush pulls off the above bold wardrobe choice in his next UFC fight he will get all the walkout RPG points available.

UFC 179 Walkout

Fighter          Artist                                       Song                Album              Year

Jose Aldo: Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kanye West “Run This Town” | The Blueprint 3 (2009)

Chad Mendes: Aaron Lewis feat. George Jones & Charlie Daniels “Country Boy” | Town Line (2011)

Phil Davis: Lacrae “Nuthin” | Anomaly (2014)

Fabio Maldonado: Gonzaguinha “O que é o que é” | Caminhos do Coração (1982)

Hans Stringer: Skrillex “Bangarang” | Bangarang EP (2011)

Lucas Martins: CPM 22 “Tarde de Outubro” | CPM 22 (2001)

Beneil Dariush: Michael Jackson “Rock with You” | Off the Wall (1979)

Diego Ferreira: Matthew West “Strong Enough” | The Story of Your Life (2010)

Christos Giagos: Three Days Grace “Animal I Have Become” | One-X (2006)

Tony Martin: Aerosmith “Dream On” | Aerosmith (1973)

Fabricio Camoes: Afrika Bambaata & Paul Oakenfold “Planet Rock (SF Remix)” | Swordfish Soundtrack (2001)

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