Attorney: Man Shot By Cain Velasquez Dealing With ‘Ongoing Intimidation’

Velasquez shot the arm of his target's stepfather Paul Bender while chasing down the alleged molester of his relative.

Cain Velasquez Paul Bender
Patrick Steinfeld via MMA Junkie

According to his attorney, the man shot by Cain Velasquez is dealing with ongoing intimidation from the latter’s supporters.

Paul Bender, the stepfather of Harry Goularte, was shot in the arm by Velasquez as the former UFC champion was intending to shoot Goularte.

The shooting occurred days after Goularte was arrested and released on bail for alleged “lewd acts” with a relative of Velasquez said to be his child.

Speaking on Monday as he lobbied for Velasquez not to receive bail — which he didn’t for a second time — Bender revealed he was fearful for his and his family’s lives.

“I am fearful for my life, as well as for the lives of my family,” Bender said.

Attorney: Clients Feel Threatened By Cain Velasquez Supporters

Bender’s lawyer Patrick Steinfeld revealed to MMA Junkie that both Bender and his wife Patricia Goularte have been dealing with a number of issues since the incident.

Bender can no longer pass the required physical examinations to continue his longtime career as a truck driver due to a lack of mobility in his fingers and arm. Additionally, he is undergoing physical therapy along with his wife.

“Patty Goularte said she was crouched down in the vehicle hiding when she heard the bullets piercing metal of their vehicle,” Steinfeld said. “They are both undergoing therapy at this time. I think there are going to be long-term emotional issues related to this shooting.”

Steinfeld also added that the couple have been facing a number of instances of intimidation from Velasquez supporters.

“There has been ongoing intimidation from the Cain Velasquez supporters during this entire proceeding,” Steinfeld explained. “There have been no acts of aggression, but the family has been followed. Vehicles have stopped in front of their house for long periods of time and just stared at the Bender household. They’ve been followed to houses of other family members.

“Paul Bender and Patty Goularte feel threatened by Cain supporters. They find them very intimidating. They fear for their lives. They are afraid that one of Cain’s supporters may try to finish what Cain has started.”

After being denied bail a second time earlier this week, Velasquez is set for a formal plea hearing on June 10.

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