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Cain Velasquez says he could beat Fedor

Cain Velasquez says he could beat Fedor

The day Cain Velasquez got the unanimous decision over Cheick Kongo I sat in my living room, surrounded by empty bottles of Smirnoff Ice and weeped on the corner of my futon. Cheick Kongo, Mr. Unstoppable, was defeated by Cain Velasquez and all I had to show for it was a hangover the next day. With his loss, Kongo was out of the UFC heavyweight title contention and was replaced by your boy, Shane Carwin. I was so distraught that I published an article on what I would have written if Cheick Kongo won. Bummer. Props to Cain Velasquez for continuing his 10-0 dominance through the UFC heavyweight ranks and when interviewed by MMAFanhouse, dude says he’s the one that could beat Fedor: 

“Definitely me. I’m a proud Mexican fighter. Anybody who steps in that ring with me, it’s like f*** them, I’m gonna beat them. The guy’s gonna have to kill me. I think he’s an awesome fighter, he’s the best. It’s not like the movies or TV with the biggest and most muscular guy going out there and he’s the baddest guy, it’s not always like that”.

Unfortunately the closest thing we’ll get get Cain/Fedor is the ‘Create-a-Character’ menu in UFC Undisputed 2009 (or EA Sports MMA…whenever that it comes out). However we do have Ben Rothwell vs. Cain Velasquez going down this weekend at UFC 104 and if you squint your eyes really, really hard (and take an absurd amount of jello shots), Rothwell sort of looks like The Last Emperor. [Source]

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