Cage Warrior fighter proves On Face Percentage is the most important statistic in MMA

A Kevin Youkilis doppelganger just fought for Cage Warriors a week ago. Youk left the New York Yankees in 2013 after season-ending back surgery. He’s supposedly been playing for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in Japan since then. But he may have removed his body hair, lost some weight and changed his name to Phil Raeburn.

Raeburn may not actually be Youkilis, but he has the same scrappy mentality as the former Moneyball superhero. In this amazing prelim fight, things really start getting crazy around the 3:30 mark. Phil throws back-to back homerun punches at Damien Weeden, and his face gobbles them up them like McCovey Cove. Weeden even defends a guillotine by standing up and flipping Raeburn over his back. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. If your On Face Percentage is high enough, the numbers always win.

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