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(Report) Priscila Cachoeira Accused of Domestic Violence, Ex-Girlfriend Gets Restraining Order

Marcelle Nunes, the ex girlfriend of Priscila Cachoeira has filed a restraining order due to a domestic violence case spanning multiple years

(Report) Priscila Cachoeira Accused of Domestic Violence, Ex-Girlfriend Gets Restraining Order

According to reports, UFC flyweight Priscila Cachoeira is being accused of domestic abuse. Cachoeira’s ex-girlfriend stated that Priscila physically abused her for several years. 

Cachoeira Accused of Domestic Abuse

Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting obtained the police report filed by Marcelle Nunes, Cachoeira’s ex-partner. The information consists of three different incidents that all explain physical violence acts that caused several other injuries.

Incident One

Nunes accused Cachoeira of pulling her by the hair, throwing her on the ground and kicking her “all over the body” during an incident in mid-2019 when they were living in Rio de Janeiro. Nunes said Cachoeira “only stopped … when she saw blood” coming out of a wound on her head. (MMA Fighting)

Incident Two

The second alleged incident happened in September 2019, also in Rio de Janeiro, when Nunes claimed the UFC fighter knocked her unconscious with a punch in the mouth. According to the police report, Nunes needed medical assistance to avoid losing a tooth. (MMA Fighting)

Incident Three

the third alleged incident happened in February after Cachoeira left Parana Vale Tudo in Rio de Janeiro to join Deiveson Figueiredo’s team in Belem. She alleged Cachoeira kicked her in the body during an argument while “highly intoxicated and probably on drugs.” Nunes cut her hand on a glass shelf, tearing ligaments and requiring two surgeries. The attack left her with “limited hand movements,” according to court documents. (MMA Fighting)

Restraining Order and Official Statment 

Since the incidents, Nunes asked for a restraining order. She stated that her life was in danger due to the violent nature of Cachoeira. Additionally, she told MMA Fighting that Cachoeira frequently used marijuana, cocaine., and alcohol.

Cachoeira denied all allegations, stating that Nunes told lies to tarnish her reputation due to their breakup. 

“Our relationship is over and, unfortunately, she’s inventing lies and twisting the truth with the intention of tarnishing my image and emotionally affect me, or any other negative intent,” she wrote. “I would also like to add that I’m subject to anti-doping tests regularly by [the United States Anti-Doping Agency], therefore her baseless and false allegation seems to me like an attempt to hurt my career,” she said in a statement. 

The UFC has yet to comment on the serious allegations. 

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