Butterbean says in two years, Mariusz Pudzianowski will be impossible to defeat

The World’s Strongest Man competition is the only place where it’s socially acceptable to move a car with your arms that you don’t own. I don’t think that would fly anywhere else unless you’ve been exposed to gamma radiation, in which case…it’s cool. The only cars I’ve moved with my arms were a handful of Micro Machines from my friend’s closet in 4th grade as payback for him ripping my 1991 Silver Surfer Marvel Hologram Card. I’ve never forgiven him to this day and he still doesn’t know about his Micro Machines (and will never know, because he’s dead…seriously).

If you take every character in the DC Universe and combine them, the end result would be Mariusz Pudzianowski’s forearm. Dude is the living incarnate of everything bad the catholic religion said would happen to you if you used a contraceptive. You could probably swing asteroid belts around Pudzianowski’s arms. Prior to his Moosin fight against Tim Sylvia, everyone thought this guy would be next in line to smash heads with Brock Lesnar, Fedor Emelianenko, Ubereem or whatever unstoppable force in MMA you could possibly conceive of. Unfortunately at Moosin, Tim Sylvia forced the Pudz to tap to a flurry of strikes early in the second round. The frate trane that was Mariusz Pudzianowski was temporarily derailed, but immediately placed on track after his domination of Butterbean at KSW 14 last weekend. After getting hit by the world’s strongest man repeatedly, Butterbean now feels that within two years, Mariusz Pudzianowski will be impossible to defeat. Props to Resnicno for the find. [Source]

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