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Video: A Busted Open Michael Bisping Wins Close Decision Over Dan Henderson

Video: A Busted Open Michael Bisping Wins Close Decision Over Dan Henderson

It finally happened. After 7 years, Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping finally get to fight again. Some people were cool with this, other people wanted to complain and say it didn’t make any sense or Henderson was skipping line. After this fight though, I don’t think anyone gave a shit because it was absolutely awesome.

Shortly after the staredown, déjà vu beat the fucking shit out of Bisping.

Somehow, some way, Bisping did not die. Bisping miraculously came back in the second round and landed some shots. He really started to to get his rhythm going and looked to be fully recovered from the first H-Bomb. …BUT THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN!

Once again, surely conjured up from the dead by the necromancing Manchester crowd, Bisping rose again. In the championship rounds, it would be more of a back and forth. Bisping kicked Hendo in his old ball sack which led to a breif intermission, but then it was back to business as usual. Finally, at the buzzer in the last round, Henderson executes a rolling thunder kick. It would be his last move in his entire career.

Michael Bisping wins by unanimous decision. Hardcore fans weep. It was an amazing fight. A tired Henderson rests against the cage contemplating his entire life, meanwhile Bisping looks like he tried to headbutt a weed-eater. If we go on damage or the Diaz scoring system, we know who really won the fight.

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