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Bummer Silva vs Sonnen will no longer take place in a Brazilian Soccer Stadium

Bummer Silva vs Sonnen will no longer take place in a Brazilian Soccer Stadium

Leave it to the United Nations to go and muck up what could have been the biggest and most amazing fight crowd in the history of our sport. These guys can’t even get something as simple as world peace correct so of course they would go and mess up something that could have been absolute magic for our sanctioned violence loving hearts. According to Dana White at the UFC 148 special press conference held in Brazil today, the Silva vs Sonnen rematch will not take place in a massive soccer stadium in Brazil and will now be hosted in Las Vegas on July 7th, 2012.

The United Nations has scheduled a huge conference in Brazil for the week of this fight and there is simply not enough hotel rooms or security available to host an event of this size at the time the UFC planned to bring this event to the country. According to Dana, Anderson was really upset that the fight was not going to happen in Brazil anymore and it took alot of talking, but Anderson finally agreed to take the fight in Las Vegas. During the press conference, Chael responded to the venue and location move with, “my plan was to come into your country, take your money and bring the belt back to America.”

Las Vegas is considered “the fight capital of the world” so it is the next best location for a fight of this magnitude, but I can’t help feeling a little bit bummed that we won’t have another mega-dose of that same electric energy we experienced with UFC 142: Rio. Damn.

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