Bryce Mitchell Describes Horrific Power Drill Injury To His Man Marbles

Bryce Mitchell

It’s been quite the road back to the UFC for Bryce Mitchell. The featherweight fighter had to undergo surgery on his private parts, following a horrific injury involving a power drill.

Proceeding his return to fighting after almost 9 months, the undefeated fighter spoke to MMAJunkie about what the road back has been like for the undefeated fighter. “People have been drilling me,” Mitchell would comically say. He has kept a positive outlook on things, even during the recovery.

Mitchell would discuss the hospital visit in detail, saying “The worst part about it is, of course I know people at the hospital. The girl who stitched my nuts up is my buddy’s wife, and they keep them rooms cold so I ain’t never going to hear the end of that shit.” He has come to terms with the fact that he will be facing criticism for this for a long time. “I deserve to be made fun of. I really am that stupid.”

However, things could have been much worse for Bryce Mitchell. “The healing process was disgusting. My nuts was all ripped,” Mitchell said. “Everything works good. I’ve given it a few test runs since then, and everything works.” He went on to joke about how getting kicked in the crotch nuggets still hurts.

According to Mitchell, he could have even died from the injuries he sustained to his family jewels. “It was not something that was fun. I mean I almost died. I think if people seen how close I was dying, they probably wouldn’t even ask me about it.”

Bryce Mitchell makes his return to the cage this weekend at UFC Nashville. He faces off against Bobby Moffett.

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