Bryce Mitchell Wants to Debate Joe Rogan over Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory: ‘He’d Lose’

Bryce Mitchell has called out Joe Rogan for calling him stupid about flat earth beliefs.

Joe Rogan Bryce Mitchell
Joe Rogan Bryce Mitchell - Image via @joerogan @thugnasty_ufc Instagram

Bryce Mitchell is going after Joe Rogan for a debate about the flat earth conspiracy theory. 

Mitchell, the number nine-ranked UFC featherweight, believes that planet earth is flat, despite many scientific studies denouncing the theory. Although Rogan is intrigued by debating conspiracy theories, the UFC commentator has denied any possibility of the earth being flat. During an interview with James Lynch, ‘Thug Nasty’ called out the legendary podcaster by saying:

“He sissied out, but that’s alright. The thing is, if I call somebody stupid and make fun of them for their beliefs, I’m gonna explain to them exactly why. I could do that in a debate, but he wants to call people stupid then not debate them. That’s my problem.” h/t MMAMania

Mitchell continued by saying:

“If he wants to call me stupid, at least debate me,” he continued. “Explain to me why I’m stupid and how I’m wrong, and I’ll explain to you as to why I believe you’re wrong. I’m not calling him stupid, I’m just saying I want to have a discussion because he’s gonna call me stupid. Me and my mom, and all my friends that believe it and stuff, he’s calling all of us stupid. So, I’m just telling him he oughta debate somebody like me, and he’d lose.”

Seeing Mitchell and Rogan debate the flat earth conspiracy on JRE would be a must-see episode for MMA fans. It’s unlikely that ‘Thug Nasty’ would be able to convince most people about his beliefs, but hearing him out would be entertaining. The UFC commentator has been known to hear anyone out, so the possibility of a flat-earth debate is not out of the question. 

Bryce Mitchell wants flat earth debate to happen on Joe Rogan’s podcast, but he offered a Waffle House as a backup plan

Joe Rogan’s podcast has a massive audience, and most would expect the flat earth debate to occur there. Yet, Bryce Mitchell is willing to have the conspiracy discussion anywhere, including a Waffle House. During the same interview, ‘Thug Nasty’ had this to say about possible locations to argue the shape of the earth:

“I want to prove him wrong in front of as many people as possible. So that’s why I want the podcast, but if he wants to have breakfast at Waffle House and talk about it, that’s fine with me. I don’t think he has time for that or cares enough to do it.

Since joining the UFC in 2018, Mitchell has won all six fights with the promotion. ‘Thug Nasty’ was supposed to take on number ten-ranked Movsar Evloev on November 5, but the Russian pulled out due to an injury. The flat earther is now scheduled to fight number fourteen-ranked Ilia Topuria at UFC 282 on December 10.

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