Bryce Mitchell Maintains Belief Government Is Behind Mass Shootings Following Uvalde Incident

Bryce Mitchell, the featherweight contender for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, says the US government is behind the recent shootings.

Bryce Mitchell

Bryce Mitchell maintains his belief that the government is behind some of the recent mass shootings.

Amid the aftermath of the tragic mass shooting in a school in Uvalde, Texas, the gun debate has gone into overdrive, and that’s only been followed by more mass shootings across America following the incident.

Mitchell is no stranger to sharing his opinions, especially with some being classed as conspiracy theories.

Having previously stated his belief that the government was behind some of these shootings in an effort to take away everyone’s AR-15s, he believes it is even more so the case now.

“I did an interview with Ariel Helwani and I went on there and I said the government is doing some school shootings,” Mitchell said in a recent interview with Brendan Schaub. “They’re letting some of them happen and like the Las Vegas shooting, I believe it was a government collusion. The Las Vegas shooting was too suspicious, too many things didn’t line up. I went on Ariel’s and I said that.

“A couple of months later, you got in Uvalde, Texas, a [expletive] gets an AR… he goes in with his AR-15 and starts killing people in the school in Texas. The police officers sit outside for about an hour and they’re saying, ‘we don’t know if we want to enter because of this, we don’t have enough armor.’ Those kids don’t have armor. Those kids are unarmed and they’re kids. Those officers, when they swear into office, it’s their duty to go in there and die for those kids on the spot. Their job was to go in that school and die or kill that guy that was killing everybody. There should have been zero hesitation.”

Bryce Mitchell: I Will Die Before Handing My Guns

Mitchell would then double down on his belief that these shootings were a conspiracy by the government.

He also reiterated that if the government were to start taking away guns from citizens, he would rather die in a shootout than hand his weapons over.

“… The government is getting involved in some of these shootings,” he added. “I believe they [the police] were ordered to stand down, sit outside that school while innocents were shot so they can have a narrative to come and take AR-15s specifically.

“I’ll say it again what I said on Ariel’s — I will die before I hand over that gun. I’ll die in a shootout before I get starved to death because as soon as they take your guns, they’re going to starve your ass to death just like they did to Jews.”

Mitchell has been a sensation inside the Octagon since making his UFC debut, but his comments outside the cage have caused controversy and left mixed martial artists with a lot to question.

You can watch the full interview below:

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