Bryce Mitchell Challenges Joe Rogan To A Bizarre Flat Earth And Gravity Theory Debate: ‘I’ll Smoke You’

Bryce Mitchell wants a piece of Joe Rogan in a debate.

Mitchell On Joe Rogan
Mitchell On Joe Rogan - Image via @joerogan @thugnasty_ufc Instagram
  • Bryce Mitchell called out Joe Rogan for a debate about the flat earth and gravity conspiracy theories
  • “Thug Nasty” swore to humiliate the UFC commentator for disputing what he believes in

An out-of-this-world debate is looming to happen as No. 9 featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell has call out longtime UFC color commentator Joe Rogan for dismissing the flat earth theory. Mitchell made it official by issuing a challenge on social media.

Let’s get it on

Apart from being one of the most remarkable UFC rising stars today, Mitchell is also known for his controversial takes on politics. And apparently, “Thug Nasty” is also a believer of the flat earth theory, something Rogan has been refuting for quite some time now.

In 2017, Rogan posted a photo of a round earth on social media, stressing that the flat earth theory is a complete “nonsense.”

“For all you people that have bought into this flat earth nonsense and continue to leave comments that they don’t believe the earth is round because ‘every photo of earth is a composite’ I present to you this (one of many, many images) taken by the Japanese Himawari – 8 satellite,” Rogan wrote on Facebook. “It takes full earth images in high resolution from 22,000 miles above the earth every 10 minutes.

“Just the fact that this exists and yet all these people have been arguing there are no full images of the earth from space should tell you the level of bullshit that’s involved in this stupid fucking ‘theory.’ There are perplexing things to ponder in this bizarre and fascinating universe, folks, but this ain’t one of them. Google is your friend.”

For all you people that have bought into this flat earth nonsense and continue to leave comments that they don't believe…

Posted by Joe Rogan on Monday, March 27, 2017

Rogan’s vocal take on the subject seemed to have ticked Mitchell off. And now, “Thug Nasty,” who last fought Edson Barboza at UFC 272 in March, wants to have a head-to-head debate about it with the comedian.

“I’m here to call out Joe Rogan for talking crap about me and talking crap about my momma. He’s been doing it for too long. Me and my momma will tell your right now, this Earth is flat,” Mitchell said in an Instagram post. “It ain’t moving around at no 600-and something miles an hour, spinning a thousand miles an hour, floating through the universe. This Earth is flat. It’s fixed. The stars and stuff rotate around us. The sun rotates around us, and I can prove it.”

“I would love to debate you, Joe Rogan. I’m tired of you making fun of flat-Earthers. If you’re so confident, come and debate me, buddy,” he continued. “I’m tired of this crap you’re posting… They’re trying to feed you these lies to make you think that science is right and that God didn’t create this universe the Big Bang did. Okay, I used to be an atheist cause I used to believe that this universe is created by the Big Bang… I’m so sick and tired of hearing your crap, Joe about flat-earthers being stupid, boy, I’ll smoke you in a debate… You ain’t got no proof.”

Another topic of debate

Aside from the flat earth theory, Mitchell also included the gravity-is-fake theory in the topics he wanted to debate on with Rogan.

“Gravity ain’t real, it’s density. This paper (lifts up paper and let it drop), when it drops, it’s because it’s more dense than the air around it, not because of some magical thing called gravity,” Mitchell claimed. “There’s no proof of gravity. There’s only proof of density. That’s why hot air balloons float, ’cause of hot air being less dense, not because a hot air balloon is an anti-gravity device… This universe wasn’t created by no Big Bang… and we didn’t land on the Moon,” Mitchell added. “All these people are lying brother. And all you’re doing is leading people away from the (Holy) Spirit.”

Knowing Rogan, the famous podcaster is expected to make an equally epic response to Mitchell’s challenge. So, let’s see how things would progress between the two.

Published on October 18, 2022 at 9:48 am
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