Bryan Baker proposed to his girlfriend after his Bellator win last night

I’m not the biggest fan of weddings. The fact that the bride has a shower (fancy word for a party where you give her gifts for an hour then she books it) then a bachelorette party, then the actual wedding party…It’s way too much time, planning. money and effort for a relationship that percentage wise, has a really good chance of ending within the next 3 years. It’s overkill. My wedding lasted less than a minute and then I made everyone buy their own dinner and me 1 drink each. That’s it. My wife loved it and I have been thanked many times for my weddings brevity. It won’t work for everyone, but I’m happy it worked for me.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like a nice romantic moment inside of a MMA cage or anything. Believe me I will be the first person to go ‘awwwww’ at this clip of Bryan Baker proposing to his girlfriend after knocking out Joe Riggs at last night’s Bellator 43 card. I’m a sap for romance, just don’t make me try on any tuxedos or actually plan or anything. I won’t do it.

I don’t even know if I proposed to my wife or if she told me we were getting married, legend has it I was playing Mass Effect 2 when proposals went out.


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