Video: Bruce Lee Talking Over Wonderboy’s Fight With Rory MacDonald Will Teach You The Way

Karate is back, in a big way, but did it ever leave? It never led Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson astray, that’s for sure. But it’s not just his Karate at play when he’s fencing with his feet in the Octagon, it’s how he’s putting it all together. Thompson is sort of the completed stew that comes out of the UFC melting pot after it’s been cooking for over 20 years. He is all styles, or no style. As Bruce Lee would say, having no way as way.

As much as Lee was ahead of his time, it seems like it may just be the exact right time for Thompson to come into his own. That’s why this video is so great. Lee side-by-side reciting historic concepts while Thompson executes his flawless techniques is a thing to behold. Stuff like this really makes you wish the legend was alive to see MMA.

Check out the video Thompson posted on his Instagram below.

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