Video: Brock Lesnar Returns at UFC 200 to Break Records and Faces Again

Last night at one of the craziest cards ever, things just kept getting crazier. Everyone felt the rumbling, the birds started flying away and dogs would do that hundred yard stare where you think they’re seeing a ghost. Still, when the UFC aired one of their best promos ever for UFC 200, no one expected Brock Lesnar’s cinderblock head to show up glaring at us. Well, one person did, but the UFC was quick to send their containment crew to banhammer him. …Lesnar hasn’t even fought yet and he’s destroying us all.

Conor McGregor must have left a big money hole if UFC needed to use a cheat code to unlock The Incredible Pink Hulk at the character select screen for UFC 200. Right now, it looks like he’s up against the legendary TBD and they’ve got a picture of Noob Saibot up there. However, Lesnar has no shortage of opponent options with everyone wanting to get on that huge card and welcome the former champion back to the Octagon to face the pain.

We all know what absolute destruction Pre-Diverticulitis Brock Lesnar wrought, but what about Post-Diverticulitis Suplex City Brock Lesnar? Is this just a one time release of the beast or will Lesnar decide to come back to the UFC for good? Either way, ol’ Sword Chest sure does make things a lot more exciting and dangerous at Heavyweight.

Watch Chael Sonnen talk about Lesnar’s return below.

UPDATE: That’s….that’s….that’s got to be Mark Hunt’s music!!!!!

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