Brock Lesnar is writing a book called ‘The Viking’ and it sounds awesome

Every time I think of Brock Lesnar, I keep gong back to Joe Rogan’s theory that Brock actually comes from a long lineage of vikings who just orgied and had sex throughout the generations to create one concentrated genetic badass that has the neck the size of that dude that broke Batman’s back. Lesnar’s neck is so thick scientists could drill for natural gas on that thing. Somewhere in Idaho, a little child is crying in front of his computer. Not necessarily because all children in Idaho cry in front of their computers at some point in the week (which may be true); but their tears can directly be attributed to the scruffiness of Brock Lesnar’s beard, a feat they can only hope to achieve after they hit puberty.

Lesnar’s coming out with an autobiography with the cosmically appropriate title, ‘The Viking’, and in this video Brock Lesnar tries to sell you on why it will be the greatest book in the history of mankind. [Source]

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