Brock Lesnar has the kissing disease, out of UFC 108

Among the realm of sasquatches, loch ness monsters, chupacabras and snow yetis lies a creature that most people are too dumb to know about. This creature is called ‘The illness/injury fairy’ and it has been camping out in the living room of every UFC title holder (it tried to fly to Hawaii but BJ screamed ‘Go to’ so it created an account and trolls on the message boards now). Anderson Silva is out while his elbow recovers, GSP is injured, Lyoto Machida’s immediate rematch against Shogun Rua will have to wait a while due to a medical suspension from UFC 104 and now Brock Lesnar admits that he has mononucleosis (which sounds like some alien city Superman and Green Lantern would team up to defend).

Brock has the kissing disease and it looks like he will be out for his rescheduled UFC 108 bout with Shane Carwin. We tried to get a hold of Carwin to get his reaction but he told us to drink some tequila instead (dude is filled with great ideas). If Shane Carwin tells you something, your options are pretty much limited to ‘Yes, I will’. The UFC Heavyweight division is pretty screwy at the moment but lets look at the bright side, Marcus Jones is packing some serious Brazilian jiu-jitsu in those tree trunks he calls legs. Dude scored the first (and only) win for Team Rampage tonight on TUF, a win that can hopefully prevent any more cardboard doors from being ripped from the hinges. [Source]


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