Brock Lesnar has no idea who Chael Sonnen is

Some of you guys out there in the UK may not know this ‘Jim Rome’. Let me summarize this guy in an easy to read sentence. One so easy to read that you will snap your fingers and say ‘Oh, I get it’ out loud. Jim Rome is a dude that gets paid to give his opinion on sports. His show is called ‘Jim Rome is Burning’. Not the ‘On Fire’ you used to hear in the arcades back in the day when someone would rock out on NBA Jam. It’s more of an allusion to the ‘Rome is burning’ in some piece of literature I can no longer find. I just made that easy to read sentence into something complicated and hard to understand. My bad, I’lll just show you this video of Brock Lesnar claiming he has no idea who Chael Sonnen is earlier today on Jim Rome is burning.

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