Brock Lesnar Grinds Out Decision Over Mark Hunt and Becomes a Top 10 Heavyweight

This is the people’s main event. The UFC had to go inter partnership with the devil himself Vince McMahon. Dana White and McMahon turned their keys at the same time to unlock the giant metal chamber they keep Brock Lesnar in, and Mark Hunt just awoke from him deep sea hibernation. The beasts came out for UFC 200. The beasts representing two different worlds and eras.

The juggernauts shambled. Over 500 pounds of violence meat in the Octagon. Our palms sweated and asses tightened. Brock Lesanr took Hunt down at will in the first round and kept him there as long as he could, which is a strategy you can’t exactly argue about.

After Lesnar turned into the Pink Hulk, all that nefarious lactic acid built up, he slowed and Mark Hunt was able to land in the second round and Lesnar wanted none of that. Eventually he would get Hunt down in the third round and they’d perform a more boring Don Frye v.s. Takayama while laying down. It would be enough.

Lesnar beats a UFC top 10 Heavyweight by a decision as his opponent Hunt seems disappointed he didn’t get to kill a jacked white boy.

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