Brock Lesnar Gives the Best Brock Lesnar Interview

Brock Lesnar is a figure of folklore. A verifiable Paul Bunyan accomplishing superhuman labors across the country side. Lesnar is an NCAA champion, a five time champion in Professional Wrestling and held the UFC Heavyweight title breaking records in the process. In his downtime, he kills large land mammals and climbs on top of his wife. We find out more about his exploits in this amazing interview.

The “really big dude” talks about pranking his wife with baby shit, Vicodin and Vodka cocktails, a big brother attitude adjustment and the infamous story of whiskey wrestling Curt Henning at 35,000 feet. If you’re not familiar, just imagine an open bar on a plane full of Pro Wrestlers. Sean Waltman a.k.a. X-Pac paints the picture most eloquently.

The media gauntlet that is to follow has barely begun for UFC 200, but if this is the kind of gold that we have to look forward to then this is a golden gift from the MMA gods. Oh yeah, and we get to see Lesnar fight Mark Frickin’ Hunt.

Watch the entire Brock Lesnar interview from Highly Questionable on ESPN below.

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