Brian Stann wants to fight Michael Bisping, believes he can compete with Anderson Silva and says he will knock out GSP

When the platoon you command is ambushed by Iraqi insurgents and you’re surrounded by 360 degree enemy fire for six days but still manage to coordinate air and tank support without losing a single person from your platoon, then calling out three fighters in one interview seems rather trivial in the grand scheme of things.

In an interview with the UK Telegraph, Stann talks about his upcoming bout with Wanderlei Silva, and within a few minutes he manages to parlay the conversation into three other fighters that he would like to fight in the near future.

“Hopefully, my next fight will be Wanderlei Silva, who is obviously a legend in the sport, and it would be an honour to fight your guy from the UK, Michael Bisping, an amazing fighter who has truly distinguished himself in the weight class.”

Brian Stann also decides to intercept Anderson Silva calling out Michael Bisping, by simply calling out both fighters.

“Yes, I think I have the skills to compete with Anderson Silva.”

“He is a few levels above the rest of the division and I’m a fight or two away from that. People wonder if I have a ground game, too. I do. It’s just that a lot of fans haven’t seen it.”

And just in case Joe Silva has problems deciding who should get the next welterweight title shot after Jake Shields, Brian Stann guarantees that he will knock out Georges St. Pierre.

“Me against him ? I’d knock him out, before he puts me on my butt three times. I’ve trained with GSP, and he’s a great guy and great for the sport.”

Props to Stann for scheduling his UFC career for the next two years. He’s a forward thinker, which makes me a perpendicular observer. There’s your MiddleEasy geometry lesson for today. [Source]

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