Brian Ortega Finally Reveals The Truth Of His Relationship With Halle Berry

Brian Ortega discusses what went down with he and Halle Berry, and his mentality against Max Holloway

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When pictures emerged of Brian Ortega looking fairly cozy with Halle Berry, rumors circulated about what could have transpired between the two. Now he explains what really went down, and looks back on his fight with Max Holloway.

When Ortega first fought for UFC gold, he took on Max Holloway as a highly touted undefeated prospect. He was being regarded as the future of the UFC;s featherweight division, with slick ground skills and decent power in his hands to boot.

In the end, the fight would be a one-sided beatdown, with Holloway swinging the hammer. There was even a point where the then-champ stopped what he was doing to notoriously offer striking advice to T-City, in the middle of the fight.

Brian Ortega Was Prepared To Die

As much as Brian Ortega was outclassed by Max Holloway, fans were still impressed by the sheer toughness that Brian showed in defeat. However to him, this was just a display of who he is as a person.

Speaking in a recent interview, T-City reflected on that fight in 2018, and the mental state he was in while getting beat up. He says that he was prepared to leave it all in the Octagon, and even sacrifice his life in the cage.

“The world saw what I’m made of. They saw something that you don’t really see in MMA. Something that is more what you see in movies, when everything is going bad, everything is thrown at you, and everything is going to s—t, do you call it quits or do you f—king check in still and you keep on going?” Ortega said.

“That night I showed the world that I’m legit a human being and a warrior that will die on his f—king shield. No bulls—t. To this day, if I want to f—king die, I want to die in there. That’s what I love doing. That’s my f—king love. That’s my wife. That’s my baby right there. I want to die in her arms.”

The Truth Of Halle Berry

After the fight with Max Holloway, Brian Ortega took some time away from the sport, ultimately waiting about two years before fighting again. In part this was due to him rehabbing injuries, but he was also taking a brea to rest and recover from that brutal fight.

During that time, pictures started to emerge of him alongside Hollywood star Halle Berry. It seemed that the two were going to work together on her forthcoming MMA film, but the nature of their picture left some wondering if there was more to it than that. Unfortunately their schedules did not align, and they did not work together, or anything else.

“We just ended up talking. I became the internet Man Crush Monday, I guess. We talked a little bit in person. She’s dope man, but just the way our schedules and lives lined up, I had to do my thing and she had to do hers,” Ortega explained. 

“But yeah, the options are still there, the opportunities are still there for me to talk to her and reach out to her. If she needs me in any way, shape, or form, and I’m available, I’ll be there.”

Brian Ortega will be next returning to action against Alexander Volkanovski, for the featherweight title at UFC 260. It will be exciting to see how he does in his second crack at UFC gold.

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