Brian Ortega Believes He Can Beat Khabib

via @brianTcity on Instagram
via @brianTcity on Instagram

Brian Ortega Thinks Either Himself or Tony Ferguson Can Beat Khabib

Brian “T-City” Ortega has been fulfilling media obligations all over South Korea. Heading into his fight against the Korean Zombie at UFC Busan, Ortega spoke to media outlet Kumite TV. They spoke on several topics including UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedow. In fact, Ortega believes that if anyone could beat Khabib, it would be Tony Ferguson.

Ortega further emphasized to the media that if Tony couldn’t beat Khabib, that perhaps he could be the one to dethrone the king.

Ortega Speaks About Tony Ferguson

“Tony is an amazing athlete,” said Ortega. He’s a great jiu-jitsu guard player as well. But, when I see things, there’s just certain positions that I feel like I’m better at than certain people. And vice-versa, they’re better than me in certain positions.”

Ortega continued, “But the positions that Khabib is amazing at, I’m equally as amazing from the bottom of the coin. I feel like if anyone’s going to beat him, it’s Ferguson. And if not, we’re going to have to wait until I come up.”

Getting A Chance To Fight Khabib

If Brian wants a shot at Khabib, he knows he has a lot more work to do until he gets his chance. Step one is getting past Korean Zombie. Next, T-City will have to triumphantly acquire the UFC featherweight title. In Ortega’s opinion, having UFC gold will be the validation needed to make the call out worth it.

“Hopefully Khabib doesn’t retire,” Ortega declared. “Give me some time to go in there and let me do what I have to do and prove myself the way he proved himself. Let me become a champ. Then I feel like I have the right to really call him out and have it be a lot more serious than just saying his name in interviews.”

Of course, Ortega’s plans will come to a screeching halt if he falls short at UFC Busan.

As far as T-City’s belief in Ferguson goes, we’ll just have to hope the UFC finally books the fight.



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