Brian Ortega Reveals Reason For Ungodly Huge Cup Against TKZ

Brian Ortega Owns Up To His Enormous Athletic Cup In His Bout With The Korean Zombie

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Even though Brian Ortega got back to his winning ways against The Korean Zombie, one of the biggest talking points coming out of the fight was what was going on under his shorts. Now he finally explains what was making the rest of the MMA world go nuts.

It had been nearly two years on the shelf for Ortega when he faced Chan Sung Jung on Fight Island. Despite being a betting underdog, he completely dominated TKZ, winning a clean sweep on the judge’s scorecards. However after the fight, the MMA world was buzzing over the seemingly unnatural size of T-City’s jock strap, with fans and fighters alike littering social media with questions and jokes about the massive cup.

Brian Ortega Explains Massive Cup

Finally, after a long week and a half of speculation, Brian Ortega has finally admitted to why he was wearing the gigantic athletic cup. Taking to Instagram, the 145lb title contender jokingly addressed the cup, saying that he had accidentally left his own cup behind. Therefore he was left to use his brother’s cup instead.

“Okay the real story of the Cup I was wearing. I was in such a hurry that when I left to Abu Dhabi I accidentally grabbed my little bro’s cup and left mines at home. @ortegaachriss thanks for saving my balls literally 😂😂😂”


It is unclear how much of this story is real, and how much is just Brian Ortega being a good sport. Either way, it is a funny situation inside the MMA bubble, and it is good to see him getting a laugh out of it too.

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