Brett Rogers turned down the role of B.A. Baracus in The A-Team

Captain Obvious just dropped me a note and it says ‘Brett Rogers looks like Mr. T’. That’s great. If I were in the Army and under the command of Captain Obvious, I would friggin…try my hardest to be spontaneous. 

On Friday night’s episode of Inside MMA, Brett Rogers tells Bas Rutten that he was approached to play the role of B.A. Baracus in the new A-Team movie but he turned it down because Rogers says he ‘didn’t think he was ready for it‘. I’m not sure what he meant when he said ‘he wasn’t ready for it’. Dude is forever in the Mr.T pose. Rogers then went on to say that he really didn’t want to wear the gold chains that made B.A. Baracus a fan favorite amongst jewelers. Fair play to Brett, dude doesn’t really look like the acting type. He looks more like a guy that would try to equip you Honda Civic with a new set of tires at Sam’s Club. Oh wait, that’s because he did

So if you were expecting Brett Rogers to do his best Mr. T impression, then you’re out of luck. As you read this, Rampage Jackson is on some Hollywood set standing in front of a mirror in his trailer trying to get his ‘I pity the fool’ to sound just right for his next scene.

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