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Brent Weedman just defeated J. J. Ambrose in a really fun fight

Brent Weedman just defeated J. J. Ambrose in a really fun fight

They say in the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. I think ‘they’ are wrong. The young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of Bellator. Women too. Brent Weedman and J. J. Ambrose reminded us why we love Bellator so much tonight with an up and down battle all around the season six cage. The fight started off with a cosmically powered Brent Weedman blasting J. J.’s chin, knocking him down to the mat. Weedman follows him to the ground only to get caught in a tight darce choke which somehow Weedman rolls perfectly out of, then in one fell swoop advances position right into a crucifix.

The fight continues up, down, all around until Weedman finishes Ambrose in the dark and mysterious von flue choke. Super cool. The von flue choke is the Blade Runner Director’s Cut edition of chokes.

Thanks to Zombie Prophet for the gif. You should be watching this on…really.

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