Brendan Schaub Mocks ‘Thirsty For Views’ Chael Sonnen For Suggesting Adesanya vs Weidman

Brendan Schaub Shoots Down Idea Of Israel Adesanya vs Chris Weidman, Mocks Chael Sonnen For Suggesting It

Brendan Schaub
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A lot of people were bewildered by Chael Sonnen suggesting Chris Weidman should fight Israel Adesanya. However Brendan Schaub seems to think he knows precisely why Chael suggested this.

Schaub has been known for making some wildly confusing hot takes, but few have gone as far as what Chael suggested recently. Sonnen believed that the best stylistic matchups to beat middleweight champ Israel Adesanya, are former champs Chris Weidman and Tyron Woodley. This was seen as bizarre to suggest, given the recent records of both fighters, particularly with Chris going 2-5 since losing his belt in 2015. Nevertheless, this did nothing to stop Weidman from try shooting his shot to get this fight, much to the dismissal of Adesanya.

Brendan Schaub Not Sold On Chael Sonnen’s Suggestion

Following a back and forth on Twitter between Weidman and Adesanya, Brendan Schaub was going over their exchange on a recent episode of his podcast. Here, he was very dismissive of Chris’s chances to beat Izzy. Not only that, but he took a second to mock Chael Sonnen for even suggesting the idea of the fight.

“I would assume that Chris is doing this because Chael Sonnen, who — Chael you know you’re thirsty for views dawg,” Schaub said. “I saw Chael’s post, he’s like ‘the next matchup for Izzy, (Tyron Woodley) and Chris Weidman!’ I know what you’re doing Chael, and you’re godd–n good, you’re one of the best in the game. I know what you’re doing. You want views, and you’re giving hot takes. That is a ridiculous take. That’s a f—ing ridiculous take.

“Let me see Chris Weidman’s last four fights. What Chris is doing is trying to capitalize on the narrative that Chael put out there. So you’re not going to get the best that the UFC has to offer, when you’ve lost your last five out of seven. We just can’t make that happen. We just can’t,” Schaub continued. “His return to middleweight was a lackluster fight. There’s no way they’re going to go ‘Sweet win over Omari (Akhmedov) in a dragged out decision, here’s Stylebender.’  It’s just a tough narrative to sell. It just is.”

What do you make of these comments from Brendan Schaub? Do you think the UFC would book Israel Adesanya vs Chris Weidman?

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