Brendan Schaub Slams ‘Obvious’ USADA For Testing Jon Jones Just Once In 2018

Former Heavyweight Brendan Schaub Lambasted USADA For Lack Of Jon Jones Drug Testing

Former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones currently on USADA suspension and facing a four-years on a bench. That issue stems from his in-competition drug test that came out positive for steroid turinabol in regards to a title fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 last year. The case is in the indeterminate state, but many in the MMA world speculating that resolution is imminent. ‘Bones’ itself recently said he has never left the USADA athletic testing pool and have been posting bold messages about his UFC comeback. Even Jones manager Abe Kawa stated recently that the USADA decision should be coming soon back in June.

Brendan Schaub who’s pretty vocal against some of USADA’s work most recently took to his Below the Belt podcast where he rips organization for lack of drug testing for Jones, while Daniel Cormier who everyone knows will pass the test with ease has been tested whopping 11 times in the past eight months. (Via MMAFighting)

“Again, I tell you guys this all the time, if you think USADA’s organization is the end-all-be-all and is the goody two-shoes of the world when it comes to drug testing, you’re fooling yourself,” Schaub declared. “A man who has been notoriously known for failing drug tests gets tested once?!

“I’ve always been skeptical of USADA. Always.

“Of course [Daniel Cormier]’s gonna pass the tests. Of course they have to test the athletes, of course they have to test certain guys, but does no one find it kind of sketchy that the guy who we know 100 percent is going to pass the test, gets tested more than the guy who is known for failing tests?! And I’m not even a conspiracy theory guy. But does no one think this is f**king strange? How crazy is that?

“Or how Holly Holm is tested all the time. They have to check boxes. We know for a fact, DC and Holly Holm are never gonna fail a test. So if you test them relentlessly, we can go on your site and go, ‘ F**k, look, they’re doing their job.’ But when you look at people who are skeptical, and they’re not getting tested, do you not think anything’s up here?”

USADA’s main focused is on those athletes who already are cleaned and tested more times than those who are tainted. As back in 2017, Jones tested nine times while Cormier tested 13 times. Now Brock Lesnar who already entered the testing pool has been tested only three times for this year. Schaub issue here is USADA making it little obvious.

“I really don’t give a s**t,” Schaub continued. “I really don’t. It’s just a little obvious. Be less obvious USADA. If you’re gonna be in on the gig – wink wink – at least make it a little less obvious. At least test Jon four times. Can you do that over a year period? Can you go there four times? You’re testing anyways in Albuquerque, can you test the man? Is that too much to ask for?”

What do you think of Brendan Schaub’s comments? Will Jon Jones easily come out of USADA’s suspension?

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