Brendan Schaub: “KSI And Logan Paul Are Better Advertisers Than UFC”

The Successful Promotion Of The Fight Between Two Youtubers Caught Brendan Schaub Attention!

Logan Paul and KSI are two famous Youtube superstars. Both are known as pranksters. Together, they have more than 37 million subscribers. They aren’t skillful fighters, but more than 750,000 people paid 10 dollars to watch their amateur boxing match. For the fighters who don’t have fighting experience at all, this is an enormous success. Brendan Schaub says he was thrilled by the way Logan Paul and KSI promoted the fight. (via

“I loved what they are doing because they are showing how easy it is to promote a fight!” Brendan Schaub said on his Below the Belt podcast. “When everyone goes, ‘Being a promoter is so difficult.’ Really? These kids have zero background! They both decided, ‘Hey, we both have a following,’ and they did it all their own. I’m sure they lined up with some help to acquire the arena and get the ticket sales and all that, but for the most part two famous guys showed you how easy it is to promote and sell a fight. It is not rocket science. No one is skilled at doing this. We give way too much respect to these promoters. They are not that skilled. It’s very obvious who should be fighting, what fight to make, how to build a fight.”

And now the painful thing – KSI Vs Logan Paul sold more pay-per-views than any UFC event this year! Brendan Schaub claims this is a big fail for the UFC. He also believes UFC promoters don’t do their job properly. After all, Logan Paul and KSI demonstrated how easy advertisement can be.

“When a fight does not sell, that’s when you realize how s**tty a promoter is,”” Schaub continued. “Whenever there’s two headline UFC fighters, both those guys are so f**king talented it’s not even funny. For those fights not to sell should not rely on a fighter. That’s where a promoter or the marketing business of the UFC, or name whatever boxing promoter you want, should come into play. It is not the responsibility of them. Them being the fighters.

“For these two guys with zero background to s**t on any UFC fight this year, numbers-wise, shows you how poorly of a job the UFC is doing at times and how easy it is to promote a fight.”

Stipe Miocic fought Daniel Cormier at the main event of UFC 226. Both of them were champions in their divisions. But UFC 226 didn’t even reach 400,000 PPV buys!

Brendan Schaub disagrees with Dana White. The UFC president claims the fighter has the role to promote himself. Brendan Schaub even says Logan Paul looked good during the match. According to Schaub, there might be an interest in signing Logan Paul to the UFC. After all, CM Punk fought at the main card of UFC 225!

“People want to hate on these, tell me how this is any different than the UFC signing CM Punk?” said Schaub. “I will wait. . .

“Again, you’re going down a tricky road because someone in the UFC offices is watching going, ‘That Logan Paul looked pretty good. How much does he weigh?’ You’re bats**t crazy if you don’t think in the UFC office this morning someone went, ‘We’re just spit-balling ideas here, did anyone see the Logan Paul fight? He didn’t look terrible! What numbers did they do? Better than any card we’ve had this year. Should we sign him?’ I guarantee there’s a spark interest of signing Logan Paul to the UFC.”

Logan Paul is “thrilled” about the potential UFC career. Here is his Twitter status.

“The thought of securing a fight in the UFC is exciting, [I] could finally use my wrestling background… but I hear some other celebrities/athletes want to catch these hands first?”

What are your thoughts? Did you like Logan Paul Vs KSI showdown? Should Dana White consider signing Logan Paul?

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