Video: Did Mystic Brendan Schaub predict T.J. Dillashaw’s EPO bust?

Brendan Schaub EPO

T.J. Dillashaw, Brendan Schaub predicted all of this. Brendan Schaub you have redeem yourself. Redeemed from what? Not sure, but sometimes Schaub will take himself right off a ledge.

Yesterday (Apr. 9) the MMA world was partially rocked by the news of Dillashaw, dolla dolla bill-a-shaw for short, was busted by USADA. MMA folks knew it was coming but it was still shocking. It was only a few weeks ago when TJ willingly gave up his title for reasons.

Giving up the belt was Dillashaw’s way of pleading for mercy. Instead of mercy, USADA handed Dillashaw a 24 month ban from the sport. See ya in 2021, TJ. The world may or may not be over by then, but if it isn’t then you can drive your flying car to a future UFC show.

Two years? For some EPO? Dillashaw’s career is pretty much over. At 35 years old, he will never be able to recoup the money he has lost or likely every get back close to a UFC champion’s payday.

It sucks, but don’t blame Schaub. He tried to tell everyone who would listen to him.

Talking a lot, like he’s known to do, Schaub stumbled onto some rumor mill fodder. This wasn’t just informed speculation, this was juicy rumors about how USADA operates. Per old Mystic Schaub, USADA was changing up their testing methods.

USADA could now catch fighters using EPO and fans should expect more folks to get busted than ever.

Because he’s still Schuab, he did say this all could be BS but he did trust his source.

LOL Schuab, just messing around and falling into some very important MMA news on a podcast. A 100% MMA kind of moment in history.

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