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Breaking: This photo of Ben Askren and Joe Silva shows that he’s in the UFC!

Breaking: This photo of Ben Askren and Joe Silva shows that he’s in the UFC!

MMA‘s long national nightmare is over according to this photo of OneFC welterweight Ben Askren sitting on a UFC bus. Not only is the former Bellator 170 pound champion sitting, but he’s also smiling. But wait there’s more. While sitting but also smiling Ben Askren is also embracing UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

Silva is in the UFC and Askren has always been in the UFC’s hearts but also occasionally in their authorized vehicles.  

Body language says Askren feels comfortable around the arms of Silva. Despite UFC president Dana White publicity hating Askren with every fiber of his being and the former Olympic wrestler’s need to constantly poke at Zuffa’s front man every chance he gets on social media, maybe Joe Silva and his millionaire dollar smile can mediate a truce. While wearing a leather jacket and a t-shirt with a witty pop culture reference, Silva could be the man to get Askren off the UFC’s bus and into the promotion’s loving embrace.

White and Askren will hug it out.

“Ben you’re already in the UFC’s bus so why not officially be in the UFC’s hearts?” said Silva.

“But…” said Askren.

“Shhhhh, now go hug Dana.” said Silva

“No” said White

“Shhhhh, now go hug Ben.” said Silva as he moderated MMA’s ultimate bro-hug session and cried on the inside when he reflected on his handy work. 

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