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Breaking: Chael Sonnen takes the high road, no wait he says Anderson Silva was always on steroids

Breaking: Chael Sonnen takes the high road, no wait he says Anderson Silva was always on steroids

Noted ESPN analyst Chael Sonnen surprisingly has an opinion about Anderson Silva’s recent drug scandal. An introvert by nature, Sonnen opened up in not one, but two different interviews to discuss Silva’s bust for performing enhancing drugs after UFC 183. Sonnen overcoming his fear of public speaking has to be applauded.

Appearing on Louder with Crowder, Sonnen did not need to raise his voice when discussing his former foe’s troubles.

“If a guy got better with time, you can’t do that on your own. Anderson Silva’s body doesn’t appear to have changed at all. So, a reasonable person would conclude that whatever he was on now, he was on before.” said Sonnen.

The former middleweight number one contender would also not rule out the possibility that Silva was taking PEDs prior to his fights with Sonnen at UFC 117 or UFC 148. Sonnen also advised Silva that the best way to combat a drug scandal is to tell the truth. Truthfulness is the most American Gangster thing one could do.

In non-Silva (Anderson) news, Sonnen was dragged in front of more cameras to appear on TSN’s “Off The Record”. Speaking with host Michael Landsberg, Sonnen revealed plans to appear at WWE’s signature event WrestleMania 31 in March. The pro wrestling company also extended an invite to Sonnen’s on again, off again rival Wanderlei Silva.  

Will Sonnen confront another Silva at WrestleMania 31? Will Silva even show up? Will Sonnen accuse any of the WWE superstars working WrestleMania 31 of using PEDs throughout their careers? Stayed tuned, as the world watches Chael Sonnen break out of his shell of solitude.

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