Brazilian church adopts MMA as their official sport

Congrats Affliction. Now all of those grungy angel wings finally mean something. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy a limited edition ‘Jesus riding on the back of a dinosaur‘ shirt in the near future. Brazilian based ‘Renascer em Crist’ is one of the largest churches on the South American continent. If religion institutions had convenience store franchises, this would be it. With over 800 churches, the group has decided to institute MMA as their official sport. Shepherd, Douglas Meira, explains why the church adopted the sport we all love.

“MMA is a sport like any other, and why not promote an event like this inside the church? The main focus is to make this event a tool of evangelism, to bring God’s word to a specific audience. Another goal is to show that the church has its doors open to fighters and lovers of the sport”

I guess we can all say goodbye to the phrase ‘The Evolution of the Fight Game’ and instead, have to adopt the theory that MMA was magically created with the flick of Dana White’s fingers. [Source]

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