Brandon Vera is back in UFC’s light heavyweight division

If you watched that show on the Oxygen Channel called Fight Girls, then you probably saw Brandon Vera make a little cameo appearance when he flew to Thailand to clean-up his wife’s muay-thai. Fight Girls was a solid show, it went two seasons and then it was unexpectedly axed by some corporate entity at Oxygen because it ‘didn’t appeal to women’. My friend always told me the reason they called it ‘Oxygen’ was because every dude was struggling to come up for air after watching one of their shows. I didn’t really know what that meant so I reminded him that humans actually breathe in a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and a variety of other gasses when we inhale. This is why I don’t have a girlfriend.

Two years ago, Brandon Vera said he will hold the UFC Light Heavyweight as well as the Heavyweight belt and when that happened, he was going to call it a day. This was before Vera lost a controversial decision against Randy Couture at UFC 105. After racking another L on his record, Brandon Vera proclaimed that he would settle for the number three spot in the light heavyweight division. If we lived in the Bronze Age, placing third would be the thing to do. Some of you guys got that, others are probably still hung up that I told my friend we breathe a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. It’s cool, man. It’s Tuesday. I’ll let it slide.

After racking up two more losses against Jon Bones Jones and Thiago Silva sequentially, The Truth finally received the most feared pink slip in the MMA world. Now in an interview with Ariel Helwani, it appears that Brandon Vera is back in the UFC light heavyweight division. Let’s hope Vera can achieve his goal of being third place in the division, or holding the UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight belt simultaneously, whichever comes first. [Source]

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