Brandon Vera and Antonio McKee have been released from UFC

Brandon Vera should get a trophy for having the best soundbites on UFC Undisputed 2009. He should also get voted as the ‘UFC fighter with tattoos most likely to start a Druid ritual‘. Vera should also get a plaque for having one of the hottest wives in MMA. If you watched that show on the Oxygen Channel called Fight Girls, then you probably saw Brandon Vera make a little cameo appearance when he flew to Thailand to clean-up his wife’s muay-thai. Fight Girls was a solid show, it went two seasons and then it was unexpectedly axed by some corporate entity at Oxygen because it ‘didn’t appeal to women’. My friend always told me the reason they called it ‘Oxygen’ was because every dude was struggling to come up for air after watching one of their shows. I didn’t really know what that meant so I reminded him that humans actually breathe in a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and a variety of other gasses when we inhale. This is why I don’t have a girlfriend.

Chances are we’re never going to get a wife as hot as Kerry Vera so we’re going to have to live vicariously through Brandon Vera and his collection of magical back tattoos. However, the next time we will be able to see those tattoos will not be in the UFC according to reports surfacing on the internet. Brandon Vera along with Antonio McKee have been the most recent victims of the ZUFFA deadly flying guillotine that has spilled more blood in the past few weeks than Sakuraba’s ear. We’re assuming McKee will return to Canada to slice open skulls in MFC and it’s safe to say that any promotion would salivate at the thought of signing The Truth. [Source]

Update: You can also add Phil Baroni and Marcus Davis to that list. Bummer. [Source]

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