Boondock Saints showing Fedor some love

Boondocks Saints 2 dropped on October 30th and it will peel back your eyes and shoot scenes of ultra-violence directly into your soul (which is is the only way to do it). Sean Patrick Flanery (the guy that was trapped to the chair on the first one) is a complete fanboy of MMA. Dude opens up on Fedor, Randleman, Mark Hunt and even Ubereem. Once again more evidence that ‘Pride never die‘.

“That’s gonna be, well … I think Fedor is gonna crush the cat. But I will say this: I don’t wanna sound like one of those guys who critiques him and then beats his ass. Obviously Fedor will dominate on the ground, but I’ve seen some holes in Fedor’s game. I will tell ya this: Andrei Arlovski was lighting him the fuck up. He did drop Andrei, but Andrei was technically out striking the fuck out of him. Kevin Randleman suplexed Fedor like a fucking ragdoll. He fought Mark Hunt and had Fedor in side control for the whole first round of their PRIDE fight and Fedor couldn’t even get out! So in my opinion, Fedor pulled out some wins as opposed to dominating the guys from the first moment to kicking their ass.

Even with Mark Coleman – Mark Coleman took his ass [down] at will and, [in] typical fucking Hammer House [fashion], they refuse to learn any submission defense. He got arm locked relatively quickly, but there are guys out there who are just in a different league wrestling wise [compared] to Fedor. There’s guys out there who are in different leagues in submissions [compared] to Fedor. And there’s guys out there who are in a different league striking [compared] to Fedor. In my opinion, and now I know I’m probably going against the grain, he’s pulled out wins in some real bad situations, as opposed to guys that are just fucking crushing the opposition. You know what I mean?

Like GSP. GSP just fucks guys up from phase one. There’s not really a time when you’re like, ‘GSP got his guard passed and couldn’t get out for ten minutes.’ No. That never really happens. But Fedor, we’ve seen him get really dominated on the feet. We’ve seen him get really dominated on the ground. And if Mark Hunt got you in side control and you can’t get out, then man, that’s worrying. Having said that, Fedor is gonna crush that guy (Brett Rogers).

But the fight I wanna see is Alistair Overeem and Fedor. Obviously, I’d love to see Fedor fight some of the UFC guys, but I’m not convinced that Fedor is unbeatable by any stretch of the imagination. I think he is very beatable. This is just a tough motherfucker. You come from that part of the world like you’re taking cold showers, those guys are just bad ass. I thought he was gonna die when Randleman just spiked him like a ragdoll, but the fucker is unphased. He takes the wind out of guy’s sails, but it’s like ‘Holy shit – that guy is completely unphased.’ He just keeps coming and that in my opinion is his best weapon; the ability to take your nest, and just look at you and go, ‘Nope. If you don’t kill me motherfucker, I’m gonna keep coming at you.’ And he ends up finding a way to win. I’m a Fedor fan.”


Published on November 4, 2009 at 2:00 pm
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