Bobby Green On Colby Covington Getting Hit By Jorge Masvidal: “You Know What Comes With This Sh*t”

Green doesn't agree with the actions of Covington nor Masvidal surrounding their altercation.

Bobby Green
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Bobby Green had something to say about Jorge Masvidal punching Colby Covington.

‘King’ isn’t exactly picking a side when it comes to the bitter welterweight rivals. The UFC Lightweight understands why Covington was caught by a sucker-punch however. Green thinks Covington has taken his trash talk a step too far, with him mentioning Masvidal’s family. 

Green On Covington’s Trash Talk

According to Green, his trash talk is hard to swallow, unlike his heavier counterpart Chael Sonnen.

“[Colby] is talented, he reminded me of Chael,” Green said on The Joe Rogan Experience.  “He had to use the mouthpiece to get more seen, instead of his actual talent. Cause he is a skilled fighter, it’s sad that he’s kind of tainted.

“Chael did it in a great way. At first it was little ‘ooh’ and nobody understood what he was doing. But Chael made it funny. He made it interesting. I saw him giving the bus a carrot. Colby doesn’t deliver it the same way. It’s offensive. It’s hard to swallow.

‘Back That Sh*t Up’

Covington talks the talk, and he often walks the walk too in the Octagon. However, Green doesn’t think Covington backs up his trash talk outside of the cage. Especially not outside a steak restaurant outside of Miami Beach. 

“For us, the real g’s, the Nate’s, the Khabib’s, the Jorge’s… we look at you like, ‘Hey, you gotta back that sh*t up’. If you gonna be that type of guy, go back that sh*t up, go stand on it. You can’t be the guy that you are talking the shit, but then he approach you, you ain’t ready with that time.

“You ain’t on that time. Like, if I’m gonna be on that type of aggression with somebody, then I know what time it is. When I’m saying what I’m saying and I see that person. I know what time it is.”

‘If You’re Professional, Keep It Professional’

Masvidal did have 25 minutes to make Covington pay for everything he said, in their fight at UFC 273. But, things didn’t go ‘Gamebred’s’ way throughout five rounds. While the pro fighter’s post-fight assault on Covington may be looked down upon, so are Covington’s antics in the pre-fight trash talk. At least, that’s what Green thinks.

“I understand entertainment, but hold on a second,” Green said. “If you’re gonna be professional, keep it professional. If you wanna go low, then it’s going low. If you wanna go that way, like with my kids and my wife and bring in all this other information out… then talk shit about me all day. Let’s just go. We can shoot sh*t. We can talk jokes. But not my family and my kids.”

Green Doesn’t Condone Masvidal’s Actions

Don’t get it twisted. Just because Green isn’t a fan of ‘Chaos’ in this case, doesn’t mean he applauds Masvidal for his sucker punching assault. 

“I don’t think Jorge should have did that though.  I don’t agree with it at all. You had 25 minutes brother, right? You had 25 minutes to do anything you needed to do. It was that time and now you gotta go get him out? You had your time. And I don’t let it be like that. I don’t agree. But at the same time, I don’t agree with Colby either.

“You wanna play that role?” Green said of Covington. “Stand on it. It comes with it. Chael had to deal with it. Same thing. It come with it. Go ahead and walk that role. That’s why a lot of people don’t play that role. That’s why people just play the martial arts role. They shut up to be cool, cause they don’t wanna get booed. They don’t wanna get chased, attacked. That’s what come with that sh*t.”

Published on April 13, 2022 at 11:18 pm
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