Bob Sapp wants to take you on a journey back through your childhood and make fun of Ariel Helwani

People might not realize this, but Gary LaPlante paved the way for all American fans to become PrideFC superfans.  If you’ve ever shed a tear when Wanderlei Silva or Mirko CroCop lost a fight, Gary has shed two. He remembers when records mattered less and the fighters mattered more.  Even Bob Sapp has a special place in his heart, so it should matter to you that the human traveling Sapp-circus is still in the news.  There’s a reason for it, and it’s not (just) because it’s a slow news day.  As long as he continues competing in MMA or cutting YouTube videos, we can’t turn away from the active train-wreck that is ‘Sapp Time.’

Today, we share Bob Sapp’s latest presentation that takes us on a journey back through time.  We’ll see epic clips of Don Frye, Shonie Carter, and some pro wrestlers may not have ever heard of.  While he’s at it, he’ll continue his tirade against Ariel Helwani just to keep things spicy, like those samosas that give you gas.

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