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Bob Sapp replaces Mousasi in the Super Hulk tournament

Bob Sapp replaces Mousasi in the Super Hulk tournament

Since the Japanese consider Bob Sapp like some sort of demigod, it’s no surprise that Dream officials have chosen The Beast to replace Gegard Mousasi in their Super-Hulk tournament. What’s that? You said Bob Sapp was already defeated by Minowaman in the opening bout of the Super-Hulk tournament? That means nothing in the land of Japan. If they can throw Hong Man Choi vs. Jose Canseco together and pit Mechzilla against Mothra…anything goes. It’s like Willy Wonka and the Factory of Wild Match-ups that do nothing but place butts in seats. Sapp has sort of have a raw deal his past few fights, first getting kneebared by Minowaman and then getting ragdolled by Bobby Lashley, Sapp is trying to find a W through all of this. Here’s what he had to say regarding his new fight:

“I’m getting on being ready to be 35…I have no UFC dreams nor desires. I just keep on working… get paid and get on working. I definitely know it’s crazy fighting MMA and then kickboxing in another country right afterwards. I’m very well aware of that, but we’ve got to make hay while the horse is hungry, right?”

“Sokoudjou’s a great fighter. Without question, he’s ready to go. He’s kind of on his winning (ways), while I’m on the opposite end, on a losing streak. So I definitely would like to push forward and rebound back.”

“If Sokoudjou wins… I’ll probably be fighting a celebrity (at Dynamite)”

Damn, that’s probably the most depressing thing I’ve read today. Makes me want to get a box of rice cakes and cry myself in the corner. I used to watch this dude tangle with Ernesto Hoost in K-1 back in the day and now he’s in his ‘I just need to make money’ mode. Damnit, where are my rice cakes? [Source]

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