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Bob Sapp just fought in Australia and lost in 12 seconds. Here’s the video

Bob Sapp just fought in Australia and lost in 12 seconds. Here’s the video

There are no victors in a Bob Sapp fight. Since his last win against Sascha Weinpolter in March of 2010, Bob Sapp has gone on a seven fight losing streak in MMA, with an average fight time lasting 1:18 seconds. But Bob Sapp is no average man. In the last seven days The Beast has lost twice with a total fight time of fifty two seconds. That’s right, Bob Sapp lost to Pudz, left Poland, presumably went straight to Australia then lost again Soa Palelei in 12 seconds at Cage Fighting Championship 21 sometime yesterday.

THQ needs to patch Bob Sapp into the negatives immediately.

Here’s the appropriately low-fi video of this strange tour Bob Sapp seems to be taking around the world for everyone to witness.

Thanks to MMA Victor for finding this…Whatever this is.

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