Blast to the Past: When gangland Sexyama killed a member of a boy band

Genki Sudo is MMA’ s godfather of Far East music videos. His synchronized android band World Order has controlled the lyrical province unchallenged since 2010. But a potential turf war was secretly brewing in 2013, when a predictably shirtless Yoshihiro Akiyama partnered with a South Korean boy band. They produced a music video that is disturbing enough to make you forget about Genki’s articulating robotics.

MYNAME is a five-member idol group that originally debuted in July 2011 as the Hwanhee Boys, named after the Fly to the Sky member who trained them and produced their record. They soon appeared in a local MTV reality show called “Ta-Dah It’s My Name.” The song used in this violent 19+ rated video, Baby I’m Sorry, was the title track for their first mini album. It was inspired by “Friend,” a 2001 Korean film about a group of pals who were sucked into gangland culture.

Sexyama demonstrates once again that you can do just about anything, even slowly stab a young man in the heart, and it’s totally fine as long as you look really sexy doing it.

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