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Blast to the Past: Dana White does NOT want to see Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre

Blast to the Past: Dana White does NOT want to see Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre

The 2012 Mayan apocalypse has a greater chance of happening than the MMA world seeing Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva. For all those that truly believe the world will come to an end next month — when has Mayan culture ever dictated anything in your life? When can any of you look back and honestly say the Mayans assisted you in anything? I don’t see any of you stone-pressing maize to feed your family. We can ramble on with your highly illogical belief that in 2012, the Mayans now control every aspect of your life when they’ve never really mattered at any other point in modern history. Once December 22nd 2012 hits, the world will admit the Mayans pulled off the ultimate troll job — 1,500 years in the making. KennyNuncaMuere has nothing on them.

Hopefully in 2013 we can unanimously agree to stop talking about a match-up that no one wants to see. Realistically, if GSP vs. Anderson Silva appeals to you, there also may be a strong chance that you’re a juggalo, refer to everyone as ‘brother,’ owned a pair of Jnco jeans in your lifetime, played every installment of the ‘Gears of War’ series, go to expensive restaurants to only order chicken fingers and — well I think I caused a traffic jam from how many people I just threw under the bus.

If you didn’t understand Anderson Silva’s remarkable performance he displayed at UFC 112 when he took on Demian Maia in Abu Dhabi, just ask LiverKick’s Dave Walsh to break it down for you. I perceived Anderson Silva’s erratic behavior inside the Octagon as the ultimate form of disrespect not towards the UFC, but Demian Maia. Anderson’s level of disdain was so high for Demian that he didn’t want to give him an actual fight. Instead of engaging him, Silva decided to prance around the Octagon while still decisively winning the bout. That’s so many layers of awesome that it should be made into a lasagna and baked in an oven for 30-45 minutes.

After UFC 112 in the post-fight press conference, Dana White was just a bit bothered by The Spider’s performance. Actually that’s putting it astronomically lightly. When the topic of George St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva was brought up in the media scrum, Dana abruptly said he didn’t want to see the match-up and that Anderson didn’t deserve to fight the welterweight champion. Take a look in this installment of MiddleEasy’s Blast to the Past.

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