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BJJ bureaucrats berimbolo ban and other IBJJF rules banter

BJJ bureaucrats berimbolo ban and other IBJJF rules banter

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Grapplers, here’s another great article for you from my teammate and fellow black belt, Daniel Rodriguez aka Da Rod aka Akume. Daniel is a talented coach and a Pan American Gold Medalist. He’s contributed to DSTRYR/SG a number of times, recently by doing Jiu Jitsu at.13,000 feet (i.e., while skydiving) and in a write-up last week about Non-Gracie BJJ lineage. He also has, hands down, the most magnificent beard in all of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I asked Daniel what he thought about the very recent IBJJF rule affecting the berimbolo/DLR hook. Here’s what he had to say:

Lately, there has been quite the controversy on the latest rule to affect tournaments – an underhook to the shin while performing the De La Riva/berimbolo. In sports, rules are constantly being modified and changed for different reasons. It wasn’t too long along that a rule was instituted that if you looked at a ref wrong in the NBA, you got a technical foul. It’s a sport, these things happen and, in IBJJF’s case, their reasoning is that the underhook creates pressure on the knee that can potentially injure competitors. Personally, I don’t get it because Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a sport in which the submission is the ultimate goal. ALL SUBMISSIONS CAN POTENTIALLY INJURE COMPETITORS. I can see the interest in protecting the athlete at brown belt and below, but at black belt adult, I believe anything should be game.

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