BJ Penn’s guide to hyping a crowd at a book signing

So there’s this book that has stuff that Dana doesn’t want it to have, Penn doesn’t really care and neither do the thousands of MMA fans across the country that can read in their living room without getting distracted by the blinking light on their Xbox. BJ Penn knows how to rock a crowd of avid book readers which is a talent I would love to see James Toney master in the near future. James Toney’s book, ‘The World of MMA according to my incoherent vlogs on Youtube’ features a 57-page chapter on the science of the ‘Side Check Kick’. The rest of the book is the name ‘Bimbo Spice’ in really big letters. Those are all really bad jokes.

Check out the BJ Penn book signing in Torrance, California I could have attended this week. [Source]


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